Shift into a culture of wellness

Vertical Coaching offers sustainable coaching packages to empower, grow, recover and transform individuals, groups & teams.

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We ask Big Questions. We assist individuals in guided recovery coaching. Our aim is to empower individuals towards self-actualization of their needs and wants.

The continuum

We get coached, we coach, we train and get trained, it's a systemic model aimed at perpetuated growth. We are constantly learning and training.

Results orientated

We get results. We ask questions that get results. The results are what matters. The shift from a culture of dysfunction to a culture of wellness is our main objective. This is measurable.

Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaching has less of a stigma than seeing a psychotherapist for mental health issues and walking into self-help meetings. It can be done virtually, allowing for privacy and flexible schedules, as well as having a safety barrier. Similar to therapists, recovery coaches invest in their training and education.

The biggest difference between recovery coaching and therapy or sponsorship is that recovery coaching is future-focused. As a recovery coaches, we help people focus on increasing their motivation, identifying and creating a plan to reach their goals, and help them remove barriers to their recovery.

Recovery coaches listen, normalize feelings, and provide a strengths-based approach for a more fulfilling future. Recovery coaches can recommend resources like self-help meetings but they also can be versed in other recovery pathways such as peer recovery specialists, addiction triage,  interventions and case management.

Culture Development

Culture is like the wind. It is invisible, yet its effect can be seen and felt. When it is blowing in your direction, it makes for smooth sailing. When it is blowing against you, everything is more difficult.

For organizations seeking to become more adaptive and innovative, culture change is often the most challenging part of the transformation. Innovation demands new behaviors from leaders and employees that are often antithetical to corporate cultures, which are historically focused on operational excellence and efficiency.

But culture change can’t be achieved through top-down mandate. It lives in the collective hearts and habits of people and their shared perception of “how things are done around here.” Someone with authority can demand compliance, but they can’t dictate optimism, trust, conviction, or creativity.

Vertical Coaching provides corporate in person and virtual workshops to open the flow and build the rapport for a cultural paradigm shift.

Business Consultancy

In launching our own Coaching Practice and developing an online presence from social media to websites to podcasts and webinars we figured that we have to throw the rope down to help others up to appreciate the view we could see.
We then set out at building a three tier package which best suits coaches at three different levels of affordability and in respect, exposure to the market. These packages come under average industry development and design rates.
We can assist you develop your websites, social media pages, podcast creation and training and even webinar training and templates. So in a sense what it looks like if you choose the third tier package is; A coach who has a social media presence, publishes podcasts and hosts webinars and is easily contactable to clients through social media, e-mail etc.

Basically, browse our site and everything you see we can develop for you in accordance with your own brand and corporate identity

Community Stakeholding

Vertical Coaching takes on mountains for individuals, groups, teams and families. We assist you in reaching the summit. The biggest lesson we learnt was to throw the rope back down. Therefore we have a keen interest in the community. Community empowerment, addiction awareness and systemic change. We release a podcast every 1.5 weeks and host bi-weekly affordable webinars which are both aimed at reaching a vast majority of the community.

We take on clients from all different walks of life and we feel privileged in doing this. We see a continuum which travels from our experience. Our one-on-one coaching experience provides insight into systemic growth which we mirror and apply to our own experiences. In doing this we gain insight and apply this to groups in cultural development with top level executives.

The stakeholder-ship within the recovery continuum includes all facets of society not just individuals struggling with addiction. At Vertical Coaching we believe that everybody is an “addict” as well all are trying to fulfill our needs and wants in different ways.


"This is an exciting invitation for personal mastery through traversing vertically. I look forward to your next webinar with great anticipation."
DR Janine Reeves
Master Coach
"All in all I thought your content was relevant, properly considered, expertly researched and helpful, beautifully presented and well worth the joining fee. I will attend future coaching sessions and will highly recommend you to business colleagues and friends without hesitation."
Michael Oliver
" "Really enjoyed the webinar session with Stuart this evening. It was jam packed with interesting information and a very honest reflection of his journey."
Richard Grossi
Strategic Specialist

Let’s work together on moving into a culture of wellness